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Feedback Loops and Business

When the feedback loop is short, we learn faster.

For example, a surfer paddles for a wave. She gets it slightly wrong, the wave pitches her. She learns. That’s a short feedback loop.

Half the problem with building a business is that the feedback loops are much longer. They may be weeks or months long, and by the time results arrive, it can be hard to determine which exact actions – months ago – created them.

To build, iterate and improve a business with any degree of certainty, you need to develop a way to keep track of inputs, tie them to results, and make the feedback loop between input and result shorter.

Knowing What You Enjoy

It’s a mistake to assume you know what you’re going to enjoy doing.

In fact – it’s surprisingly hard to capture this as there’s a lot of assumptions around it. The ‘do what you love’ advice is quite unhelpful here.

Because it’s HOW  you do something that has more impact on whether you enjoy it or not. The author of ‘Flow’ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi posits that enjoying a task means you enter into a state of flow. It’s a task that’s challenging enough to stretch you – but not impossible.

And while you’re in flow – time disappears and you become truly present in your work. Or play – or whatever it is you’re doing.

That’s why designing your work habits to promote flow is more important than finding that ‘perfect’ job – if you’re aiming for work that fulfills you and leaves you contented at the end of the day.