Naomi Kuttner
Copywriting and Content Marketing Specialist

I help business owners engage their audience and convert them into satisfied buyers. I specialise in:

  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Strategy

"Naomi is one of the only writers who has ever impressed me so much, I asked her on the spot if she'd accept my copywriting leads. And I am VERY particular about who I trust to do that."

Daniel Throssell
“The best d*mn copywriter in Australia”

“I’ve hired many copywriters in my years, most of whom have been a serious disappointment. Naomi is perhaps the ONLY one who’s work I don’t need to exhaustively edit.

"Her understanding of the principles of persuasion are excellent… but more importantly she doesn’t shy away from doing the necessary research to get the job done right. I’d recommend her without reservation.” 

Dr Glenn Livingston PhD,

"Simply put, the huge success of my online course launch was a direct result of Naomi Kuttner's guidance and expert advice. I had spent far too long reading websites, courses, and books on internet marketing, and was tired of trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff. All I can say is that I wish I'd booked a session with Naomi far earlier in the course of my business - it would have saved me loads of time and money!

"Naomi has cutting edge knowledge of internet marketing and was able to give me the clear direction I needed so that my marketing efforts yielded exponential results with a minimal time investment. I can highly recommend Naomi's internet marketing consulting to anyone looking to 10x the returns on their business."  

Greg O'Rourke,

"Naomi is one of the most efficient, proactive, and creative wordsmiths I have ever worked with. After passing through multiple rounds of Brainscape's grueling 500-candidate recruiting process, she quickly proved herself as a lead content writer and proceeded to inject her conversational yet professional tone into several dozen original articles within the period of just a few months.

"Naomi has a talent for balancing reader engagement with SEO and always knows what questions to ask to ensure that we're nailing the correct brand voice, thesis, and calls-to-action. 10/10 would hire again!"

Andrew Cohen, CEO, 


"Before I met Naomi I was spending a lot of time researching and writing copy, which took me away from other essential tasks in my business like developing new marketing campaigns and running my business. 

"Naomi has removed much of this burden by creating copy that converts. She's a brilliant wordsmith who gets the emotional underpinnings of language. Thanks for your great work Naomi!"

Enoch Sears,

Smokeylemon employed Naomi Kuttner as a digital strategist in early 2020. Naomi supported the Marketing team with astute analytical review of our clients digital marketing campaigns.

Naomi deployed a focused approach to testing to make sure ads converted and that the clients' ad spend was being applied to models that would increase their conversion rates. We would recommend Naomi for any business looking for an experienced digital marketing analyst to get a good ROI on their ad spend.

Mandy McGregor,