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Knowing What You Enjoy

It’s a mistake to assume you know what you’re going to enjoy doing.

In fact – it’s surprisingly hard to capture this as there’s a lot of assumptions around it. The ‘do what you love’ advice is quite unhelpful here.

Because it’s HOW ¬†you do something that has more impact on whether you enjoy it or not. The author of ‘Flow’¬†Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi posits that enjoying a task means you enter into a state of flow. It’s a task that’s challenging enough to stretch you – but not impossible.

And while you’re in flow – time disappears and you become truly present in your work. Or play – or whatever it is you’re doing.

That’s why designing your work habits to promote flow is more important than finding that ‘perfect’ job – if you’re aiming for work that fulfills you and leaves you contented at the end of the day.